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From the Caddie-Shack to the Caddie-Castle
The Evergreen Youth Foundation ( dba) The Caddie Foundation-PCA (Professional Caddie Association ) announces the PCA Hall of Fame class of 2010 inductees into the PCA Worldwide Caddie Hall of Fame. Honorees will be inducted into the TCF-PCA Worldwide Caddie Hall of Fame to be held at the 2011 PGA Show in Orlando, January 28, at 4pm. Please help us and write the PCA-HOF story for the kids and the game. Contact Dennis Cone's cell number is 386-569-7195 to arrange an interview for more INSIDE LOOPER information photos or interviews. PCA booth # 4648 is in the PGA Licensing area at the main entrance. Please stop by to meet our PCA Ambassador Mr. Alfred " Rabbit " Dyer who worked for HOF world golfer Mr. Gary Player for 18years and two Presidents.

GREAT mentors of the game.

*The Gene Sarazen Spirit Award for Notable people who started as caddies and have a life-changing story to tell the world. Mrs. Mary Ann Sarazen will present the award during the 2011 PGA Golf show in Orlando

Mr. Fred Corcoran - Mr. Golf & Golf Hall of Fame member - You won't find his name in any golf record book, but Fred Corcoran was one of golf's pioneers. In the years following World War II, Corcoran helped found the Ladies Professional Golf Association, the World Cup and Golf Writers Association of America. His ideas helped spawn the World Golf Hall of Fame, and he was one of the sport's first agents, managing the careers of Babe Zaharias, Tony Lema and Sam Snead. But perhaps the biggest imprint Corcoran left on the game was that, for a decade, he guided tournament golf in this country into its Golden Age. http://www.worldgolfhalloffame.org/hof/member.php?member=1037

Mr. David Fay - USGA He grew up in a small town in Orange County, New York where the closest public golf course was 15 miles away. Mr. Fay began caddying at The Tuxedo Club at age 11 as a way to make some money. The caddie fee throughout the 1960s was $4 a bag, plus tip. A $1 tip was hoped for but not a given. "Caddying exposed me to golf. And exposure to golf
influenced my friendships, my choice of college (Colgate, an upstate New York college which had its own golf course), my career - everything! It is impossible to overstate the impact caddying had and continues to have on my life.
David Fay a true friend of caddies and the game. http://www.usga.org/news/2010/December/David-Fay-Announces-Retirement/

Mr. Chris Sullivan - Outback Founder - Chris As a kid, he and his three brothers set up their own makeshift course in their Silver Spring (Md.) neighborhood, whacking whiffle balls with cut-down clubs. By age 7, Sullivan was tagging along with his father, an FBI agent, to the local municipal course; by 12, he was caddying at a nearby country club for $4 a bag. In college, I worked as a waiter and a bartender. I liked working at night because I could play golf during the day. Sullivan instituted a caddies program for Old Memorial, with riding carts made available only to players who can produce a note from their doctor. (The members honor the caddies on a special day each year by reversing roles and carrying the caddies' bags.) http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_22/b3935133.htm

*Caddie Manager Division:
Mr. Sonny Meike - The best caddie manager/master - at Butterfield Country Club http://www.butterfieldcc.org/ Sonny's success is based on more than just creating a fair and unbiased management system. It is no exaggeration, to compliment Sonny for his commitment to detail and for his organizational skills. Sonny exhibited his professionalism in every facet of his work. He knew his membership and their families and their guests. He knew their preferences. their pet peeves, and their quirks. He knew their budgets. Sonny was a master of assigning the right caddie for the job that the member needed to be done. In other words, he was an incredible "match-maker".

*Bucky Walters Spirit Award: Caddie/Coach for the Challenged Golfer with special needs.
Mr. Jack Smith - The Bucky Walters Spirit Award - Caddie/coach for challenged golfers with special needs. Mr. Jack Smith - has experienced, influenced, assisted, helped, coached, and caddied for multiple "in" and "out" patients rehabilitating at the James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital in Tampa Florida for our golf program for over 3 years now. As of Sept. 2007, Mr. Jack Smith has approx. 862 hours documented with our Tampa VA with 180 of them on the golf course.

* The Lynda Barco Award (a person or company) who has been an angel to PCA - 2006 HOF and PCA Ambassidor Mr. Roger Martinez "The Lion of Pamplona. Roger defines A FRIEND OF PCA
Roger holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina in 1941 and probably hit . A hard working honest man that has made the USA his home and Country since 1973 when he became an official citizen. But more important than that is what this man has accomplished in his wonderful life. In short Roger has caddie over 27 years from country clubs in Argentina to Tour Caddie working on 5 different TOURS. But that was a part time job for this man, he also represented his country in the Olympics in Soccer, is a retired soccer star, he was recruited by the Miami Dolphins as a place kicker at thirty four which made him the oldest rookie drafted in the sports history. A career he pursued after working for the best as assistant golf course architect at Lost Tree Club for Jack Nicklaus for three years. Roger accomplishments don't end here he has enjoyed, a short stint as a middleweight boxing contender and jai-alia player and organized two successful attempts to break would soccer endurance records. He has worked for Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Jack. He truly is an incredible model for every person and caddie in the hall of fame. Roger is most proud of his volunteer work he has done with youngsters for many years earning him the title of " Mr. Soccer " in Palm Beach County.

* Special recognition and the Bruce Edwards Spirit Award = TO ALL THE Challenged Veterans worldwide. A Thank YOU and Copy of FIVE FEET AWAY to ALL of Jack Smith's extended family in Tampa.

PCA is an association open to all who support the mission. Companies, folks like you and caddies, working or retired, dedicated to elevating respect for the professional caddie. The organization and its Foundation work to provide the youth of the world the opportunity to learn both life and social skills through the game of golf and the profession of caddying, while enhancing their knowledge and interpersonal skills both on and off the course. In addition, PCA and its 11,300 caddies trained since 1997 and members worldwide strive to bring back caddies to the golf courses of the world, while preserving the tradition of this greatest of all games. Visit us at www.PCAworldwide.com and www.PCAFhq.org or more complete details.

PCA Mission:
Help caddies and supporters help caddies and others worldwide. To provide its members, caddies, their families and others with additional income opportunities, high quality benefits, services and certification thorough educational and communication programs worldwide. By introducing our youth to the 500 year old art and profession of caddying we instill in them its core values of responsibility, discipline, integrity, awareness, respect and honesty: life skills and attributes all should aspire to possess.

We will continue to elevate the respect for the profession of the caddie. We will pay homage to those who have filled a special role in the history of the game by inducting them into the PCA Caddie Hall of Fame. To bring back caddies and preserve the tradition of the game of golf. The Heartbeat of PCA
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We are accepting nominations for the 2011 PCA Caddie Hall of Fame if you know of someone who is deserving of this honor please contact PCA today. Need more female caddie nominees . Know any? A great PCA / Michael Bolton story here to help families at risk worldwide

The Heartbeat of PCA
"PCA and Michael Bolton Unveil World Mentorship Program (WMP) With the New Song 'FIVE FEET AWAY'"
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PCA-WMP see Michael Bolton News Letter PAGE 5
http://www.michaelboltoncharities.com/images/MBCNewsletter2006.pdf and www.PCAhq.com

Arnold Palmer Hospital Foundation / PCA CADDIE FOR KIDS
KIDS news GO here > http://www.thegolfwire.com/stories/212846

BLAST AND CAST- a national Fishing program for Kids battleing Cancer.
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