PCA is proud to announce a new business endeavor with...Life Saver Golf
PCA-Life Saver Golf will soon offering to all golf courses in the US an opportunity to participate in a national campaign: where we provide CPR/First Aid, AED, stroke, health training and certification programs. Targeting caddies, staff and all members of the golf community.

Every year many people suffer heart attacks and have died on golf courses. Golf courses are the fifth most common public place for people to experience cardiac arrest. Every 40 seconds a stroke occurs in the US, it is the# 4 cause of death.

Just recently a professional Caddie died on a golf course during a tournament, from this scenario the PGA  made a request for all clubs to provide CPR training to their staff, lets not have time slip away because this will occur again..its time to address this issue

Saving a life or not could truly impact golf facilities financially, morally and socially

Lets act together and have all golf courses, clubs and other golf facilities CPR/First Aid and AED trained ...its all about prevention and ensuring safety to all

Become part of the campaign the more trained the less deaths....not only on the course but off as well!

With golf numbers on the decline its time to think of healthy creative measures to make a positive difference! We at Life Saver Golf are ready...

PCA-Life Saver Golf is for you...lets make a difference!

Please contact the PCA or Life Saver Golf for information on sponsorship opportunities

PCA-Life Saver Golf is the "go-to" place, we will make the difference, we offer:
  • American Heart Association CPR/First Aid and AED training on-site at reduced rates
  • Specially designed golf insurance packages that will reduce costs, especially if you're a CPR trained facility
  • Distribution of AED's designed for "Golf Marshall' golf carts and club houses
  • A unique designed app to pinpoint where the victim is
  • Heart health and stroke prevention educational programs
  • Kids First program; addressing the importance of exercise and getting more kids involved in golf
  • Tournament booths and special event targeting Kids Fore Caddies program and creative designed tools for hands on demonstrations
  • Kwick Golf...fun new twist in playing fast golf! 
You don't need to look any further for insurance, training or marketing strategies our comprehensive plans will be convenient and affordable. We are the one stop shop place for all your current and future CPR and health needs.

Its time to change the status quo where 3 out of 4 golf courses are not equipped to handle cardiac arrest. Golf Digest, the National Safety council and other organizations are convinced that AED's properly deployed and used by trained individuals, is a huge step forward in the golfing industry. 

Contact us  now!

PCA@pcaworldwide.com or Dennis@PCAworldwide.com