Survey Says!

  1. Caddying is about Team Work with, your players, other caddies and golf course staff.  
  2. Caddies need to hustle and keep ahead of their players so they do not have to wait.
  3. Caddies must always be aware of where everyone is on the course and putting green.
  4. Caddies must remember whose turn it is to hit, how many shots have been hit and know the yardage to the hole.
  5. Caddies must never talk when a player is addressing the ball, give advise to other players or caddies who are not on their team.
  6. Caddies must always count the clubs, clean the clubs, balls and other equipment on and off the course.
  7. Caddies should always be aware of where they stand and where they place equipment so as to never cause their player a penalty.
  8.  Caddies must always ask if a player wants you to tend the Flagstick when they are off the green and always tend it when on the player is on the green.
  9.  Caddies need to yell FORE so that other players and caddies do not get hurt.
  10.  Caddies always need to work with other Caddie around the green to rake bunkers, repair divots and clean balls.
  11.  Caddies know that the only thing in golf that doesn’t change is the size or the CUP!