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By becoming a member of the TCA, you will have access to this interactive investment website to help you with your financial planning and investing. Also, by becoming a member of TCA, you will receive this service at half price for the first quarter (normally $30.00 but for TCA members $15.00).

If you're new to investing, the array of choices offered by these plans can be overwhelming. There's an excellent chance that your plan has the right selection of funds available for you to invest in. How do you choose them? is here to help you! Our Retirement Planning Tools will guide you through determining the type of investment plan best suited to your individual situation. The first step is to determine your individual risk tolerance.

Asset Allocation is the most important factor in achieving your Retirement Objective.  Appropriate Asset Allocation is the combination of your tolerance for risk and the quality and diversification of the funds available for your investment. constantly monitors the available funds for the quality of their investments and the discipline of their stated investment objective.  How do you choose them? is here to help you as a primary source or as a second opinion for your Investment Strategy needs with our Retirement Planning Tools.  We will recommend the most appropriate of our 6 monitored portfolio strategies that will achieve your personal goals.  The ease and efficiency of interactive internet communications makes it possible for to serve your investment needs, with a very low expense ratio, regardless of your location and the value of your portfolio!